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Dave Goulson

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Dave Goulson is a passionate ambassador for insects “the little creatures that make our shared world go round”.


Professor of Biology at the University of Sussex, he is best known for his work on Bumblebees and  founded the Bumblebee Trust in 2006. He has written eight books, one of his most popular, 'A Sting in the Tale' (2013), has been translated into fifteen languages. His more domestic publications include 'The Garden Jungle' (2019), and 'Gardening for Bumblebees' (2021). He is a trustee of Pesticide Action Network, and an Ambassador for the UK Wildlife Trusts.


His most recent book 'Silent Earth’ (2021) is “part a love letter to the insect world, part elegy, part rousing manifesto for a greener world. It is a call to arms for profound change at every level - in government policy, agriculture, industry and in our own homes and gardens.” Its final part is entitled 'What can we do?', which covers cities, farming, nature everywhere and actions for everyone. 

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Listen to Dave's interview on This is Alfred.

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