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Keggie Carew won the Costa Biography of the Year in 2016 for her memoir, DADLAND. Costa judge, Mary Loudon, described it as the "most unconventional biography" she had ever read, “a very moving story, very mature … and it was utterly hilarious.” 


Quicksand Tales followed in 2019. Marcus Berkmann wrote, ‘every reader will end the book astonished that she’s still alive. Uncategorisable, unignorable, and unique …’


"Carew is a natural storyteller, and each of these tales works like a perfectly paced standup routine, punctuated by some gorgeous phrase making … It’s hard to make writing look this easy." The Guardian


BEASTLY, published by Canongate in January 2023, tracks the gargantuan story of our paradoxical relationship with the animal world. Our journey from apes to angels and back to apes. From a 40,000-year-old flute carved from the radius of a griffon vulture’s wing to tardigrades in space. The quest is to understand how on earth we got to this point, why we’re not listening, and to find better paths ahead. Along the way Carew promises murder, power struggles, escape artists, dragon jousting, and unmanned flying orchestras in the sky. True stories from a shared planet and its inhabitants caught together in the net of life.

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