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Stephen Moss

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Stephen Moss is one of Britain’s leading nature writers, broadcasters and wildlife television producers. Now living on the Somerset Levels, he was born in London, and read English at Cambridge before joining the BBC. His TV credits include the BAFTA award-winning Springwatch, The Nature of Britain and Birds Britannia, while his books include Wild Hares and Hummingbirds, Wild Kingdom and ‘biographies’ of The Robin, Wren, Swallow and Swan. He also authored the National Trust’s 2012 ‘Natural Childhood’ report on reconnecting children with nature. He writes a regular monthly ‘Birdwatch’ column for the Guardian, is President of the Somerset Wildlife Trust, and teaches an MA in Nature and Travel Writing at Bath Spa University. A lifelong naturalist, Stephen has travelled to all seven of the world’s continents in search of wildlife.

Stephen's books include:

"I love writing about nature – there is something about the act of putting my experiences down on paper, so that others can share them, that is a real privilege. Whereas making television programmes is an essentially collaborative experience, writing is intensely personal – and the more I write, the more I feel the need to explore the important issues of the day from a personal perspective.” Stephen Moss

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