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Enjoying a safe event

We're aware that many people may have questions about how we are responding to the challenges of covid. While there are fewer legal requirements (and we know that these are subject to change), we are keen to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and safe during the event. Here's how we are mitigating risk.

  • We would prefer people to wear masks during the event, and in particular while queuing.

  • We are asking our event team and volunteers to wear masks during the event.

  • We are using microphones for speakers, and for audience questions, to avoid shouting. 

  • We have allowed an hour between sessions at the Grosvenor Arms so that we can ventilate the room fully. We will also aim to have the room ventilated during the session, while maintaining a suitable temperature balance.

  • Hand gel is provided at the entrance to the Grosvenor Arms (in the foyer), and we will provide hand gel in the Ballroom.

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